If you are worried that your gold and silver may be counterfeit, come to us.We will freely test the authenticity of your gold and coins.you can Cal or Whatsapp at +60 018 325 4653 any time,for an appointment.

We will test your gold and silver absolutely free and satisfy you completely

We are using advance technology for testing which verifies any type of metal in less then a second without damaging the metal in any way.Whether it is metal, gold, silver, platinum or palladium, our testing does not harm your metal in any way.

Wet chemicals are not used, nor can there be any physical harm after repeated testing. Unlike other testing methods, plating and surface properties do not significantly affect the unit’s ability to measure base metal. Using electromagnetic waves that penetrate deep into the coin or bar, the plating and surface properties are largely ignored, and the main body of the metal will be estimated. Can see through certified plastic cases and bags, so there is no need to remove the number of coins from their protective holders.