The Advantages of buying gold bars:

Most investors choose to buying gold bar instead of gold coins because gold coins are expensive than gold bars,this is because gold coins have a very complex design that makes gold coins look beautiful but increase their cost.

The advantage of this is that you get more grams for your currency with bars than coins. So our advise is to buy gold bars instead of gold coins for your currency and the other advantages of gold bars is that they take up less space than gold coins so they are easier to store.

selling any kind of old gold bar

Buying gold bars does not compromise on any of the basic benefits of gold: they are portable, private liquid and will last forever.

Pick the best Gold bar Size

You can buy gold bars at your own prices according to your needs.Gold bars came in different sizes from 1 grm to 400 ounces.400 ounces is the size that Central Bank Exchange and ETFs Buy.

In general,the bigger the bar the lower the cost But that doesn’t mean you should buy the biggest bar you can afford. Just the opposite, in fact…

  • Larger bars have a higher risk of counterfeiting because counterfeiters prefer larger bars because they cost more.
  • If you have a big bar and you need less money but you end up saving a lot of money by selling your big bars. Thats why small bars are more useful for you.
  • The bigger the bars, the more they will need to be tested when selling them while small bars avoid the need for testing.An assay adds an extra expense, is inconvenient, and will delay your payout.
  • Buyers of large bars are few because many people cannot afford to buy large bars.Whereas if you have small bars then you have a big pool of customers.

On the opposite hand, don’t buy gold bars smaller than 50 grams, because the premiums are significantly higher. If you can’t afford over one 50 grams of gold, consider buying several smaller bars so you capture the benefits above. Either way, owning gold is healthier than not owning gold.
So the commencement in knowing what to seem for when buying gold bars is that the above.

The case of gold bar brands. Choose wisely

Buy only gold bars with a recognized hallmark and proper stamping. when you buying any type of gold make sure that it is properly stamped and a recognized hallmark. A Pure gold bar should have its weight, purity, refiner, and a serial number stamped on it.

sell your gold bar

You should buy gold bars with these marks and brands because without them you do not know what you are buying…

The easiest way to reassure them is to put a proper seal on the gold bar,and that’s to buy bars with a,
Well-known Hallmark: A Hallmark only means the brand-refiner or manufacturer of the bar that lowered the bar. You want a well-known hallmark so that you know you are getting a high quality bar, and that you never have a problem selling it. A good hallmark will allow you to sell bars anywhere in the world. It is very liquid.

These are some of the most trusted refines in the world..

argor Heraeus
Pamp Suisse

If You buy a gold bar from any of these trusted hallmarks,so it will have a proper stamping.

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